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Hawaii Multas y Sanciones de Conducir Ebrio

How much do you have to drink (BAC*) for a DUI in Hawaii?

Under 21
.00%  Hawaii is a zero tolerance state
21 or older
** BAC = blood alcohol content
How many drinks does it take? Check the BAC chart.

What if you refuse to take a chemical test in Hawaii?

Hawaii has an implied consent law. That means that if you refuse to submit to a chemical test you will be subject to a fine and automatic license suspension. Learn more about Hawaii’s implied consent law.

1st Offense
2d Offense
3rd Offense
Refusal to take test
1 year license revocation
2 years license revocation
4 years license revocation

What is the minimum jail time?

1st Offense
2d Offense
3rd Offense
Minimum Jail
No minimum required jail time
5 days; at judge's discreiton no jail time if defendant does 240 hours community service)
10 days jail
Lookback Period: 5 years (Period of time that prior DUIs are relevant for sentencing. Also known as a “washout” period.)

Can you plead to a lesser offense than DUI in Hawaii?

No, a plea bargain for a conviction of "wet reckless" (reckless driving involving alcohol) is barred by statute in Hawaii.

1st Hawaii DUI Offense

First Drunk Driving Conviction

  • Jail – No Minimum Jail term (at judge's discretion)
  • Jail – 48 Additional Hours (If Child Under 15 in Vehicle)
  • Fine – From $150 to $1,000
  • Fine – Additional $500 if Child Under 15 was in the Vehicle
  • License Suspension – 90 Day Prompt Suspension (May Be Allowed to Drive) or,
  • License Suspension – 30 Day Prompt Suspension (Driving Limited to Court Approval)
  • BAC Above .15 – 6 Month License Suspension (Absolute Prohibition on Driving)
  • Special Trauma Fund Surcharge - $25-$50
  • Community Service – 72 Hours
  • Complete Court Ordered Substance Abuse or Education Program
More Information: First Offense DUI in Hawaii

Important Note from the Editor

Disclaimer: We try to keep the information provided here up to date. However, laws often change, as do their interpretation and application. Different jurisdictions within a state may enforce the laws in different ways. For that reason, we recommended that you seek the advice of a local attorney familiar with DUI cases in your area.

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